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The open social environment gives Tiancheng Telecom space for full growth. Tiancheng Telecom is not only an honest and law-abiding corporate citizen, but also actively participates in social welfare undertakings and returns to society through various channels: the Qinghai Yushu earthquake, the Wenchuan earthquake, the Ya'an earthquake, The youth association's international volunteers, the city's love fund, employees' families with difficulties, voluntary blood donation, the city's Red Cross Society, etc.

Promoting Industry Development

Since its establishment, Tiancheng Communication has been developing itself, and has always adopted the concept of openness, tolerance and sharing, and actively adopted different channels to provide advice and suggestions on product, technology, and quality improvement, share experiences, and promote industry development.
As the only Chinese brand in the ISO / IEC / JTC1 / SC25 / WG3 Information Equipment Interconnection International Standards Organization expert group, it actively promotes the national standard conversion of related international standards and promotes the development of the industry. In addition, Tiancheng Communications has also actively participated in the editing of industry standards and a number of national standards, industry standards, technical white papers, etc., which has promoted the standardization process of the domestic integrated wiring industry.

Contribution to Education
Disaster Relief

TC actively participates in disaster relief

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 affects all Chinese people. Following the repair project of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Tiancheng Communications once again supported the information construction of Wuhan Thunder God Mountain Hospital.
Tiancheng Communications donated a large number of Tiancheng integrated cabling products such as cabinets, distribution frames, cable management racks, and patch cord for free.

Social Contributions

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