TC Communications actively participated in the development of ISO / IEC international standards

  • 2020-02-12
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The 3rd working group(ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3) of the 25th sub-committee, affiliated to the 1st United Technology Committee of the IEC is an international professional organization, who is responsible for setting global generic cabling standards. On 24th Sep 2018, It host the 65th working groups meeting in Tysons Corner, Washington, D.C., with over 60 international experts from 17 countries, such as China, America, Canada, Germany, Israel, South Korean, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Mexico, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland attended it.

Li Jingfeng, manager of Shanghai Tiancheng Communication Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Tiancheng Communication) and Wu Junze, the technical director were invited to attend this meeting. Both of them are international registered experts of the Chinese Information & Technology Standardization Committee and Tiancheng Communication was the only domestic brand that was invited to this meeting.

Li Jingfeng, manager of Shanghai Tiancheng Communication and Wu Junze, the technical director were discussing with other experts

This meeting last one week, during which experts from different countries discussed hot industrial standards including balanced cabling(TR11801-9906), AIM, infrastructure security, application of high-speed multimode fiber, fiber testing and POE.

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It was the 3rd that Tiancheng Communication jointed in the international meetings about standards-setting. As a member of the generic cabling working group(SAC/TC28/SC25/WG2) of the 25th sub-committee of the Chinese Information & Technology Standardization Committee, affiliated to the National Standardization Committee, Tiancheng Communication is always an active national brand for international cabling standards-setting and has taken part in related standards application working. The Chinese version of the series of industrial standards GB/T18233, corresponding to the latest IEC11801-2017 version, coedited by Tiancheng Communication has now become the most authoritative and comprehensive national standards in generic cabling field.

Tiancheng Communication has dedicated to the integral port-to-port solution of “ the last kilometre of broadband”. With the update of international and domestic standards of generic cabling, this industry will be more serialized, more normalized, more standardized and more open, so that it can meet the needs of technology and market, and also apply to all other fields. Tiancheng Communication will continually innovate and strengthen itself, so it can make more commitment to the global development of this industry.

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