TC Communication Company attended the Generic Cabling Working Groups Meeting of 2019

  • 2020-02-12
  • 13

The Generic Cabling Working Groups Meeting of 2019 was held in Kaiyuan Manju Hotel, located in Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province on this 19th July. Mr Wujun, the Technical Director of Tiancheng Communication Company, a member of the Generic Cabling Working Group was invited to attend this meeting.

During this meeting, American expert Mark, from Fluke Corporation shared the latest fiber testing technology for data center and the discussion about the 400G White Paper Amendment draft had also been prioritized.

At last, representatives of the cabling working group reported to all attendees their staged achievements of date center marketing research. Mr Wujun, the Technical Director of Tiancheng Communication Company has devoted himself to setting standards for international and domestic cabling for many years. With his firsthand technical experience, Mr Wujun, on behalf of Tiancheng Communication Company, gives his suggestions on the 400G White Paper Amendment draft, which were agreed by all working group experts.

Shanghai Tiancheng Communication Company, a Chinese brand, has always jointed in setting standards for cable lying (generic cabling) and has also taken part in Integrated cabling. Now Tiancheng Communication Company is involved in the editing of more than 14 industrial white papers, such as (The White Paper of Designing of Shield Cabling System and Construction Measurement Technique), CECS (Procedures for Designing Technique of Data Center Cabling System) and so on. Besides, Tiancheng is also working for the national industrial standards-setting and editing, for example, the GB50311-2007(Code for engineering designing of generic cabling system), GB50312-2007(Code for engineering acceptance of generic cabling system ).

PrevTC Communications actively participated in the development of ISO / IEC international standards